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Our Proficiencies
Qualified Team of professionals comprising primarily of Chartered Accountants, Management Graduates, Company Secretaries Accountants and Lawyers. Team members have experience in working with Big 4 Consulting and Fortune 500 Companies. Team is well versed with ERPs, Accounting Softwares and Analytical Tools. Offices, in four Cities in India, enable us to provide reach and cost optimisation to our clients. Also have associations with various service providers to facilitate Clients business requirement through one window. Extensive Experience A team of seasoned professionals with experienced top management and a young and motivated middle and lower level management teams with experience across various industry domains.


  • Timeliness
  • Value Delivered
  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • In depth understanding of clients’ needs
What Our Client Say
  • "GSSK has provided our company with quality Accounting and Taxation services over the past years. Our experience has been very satisfactory and assuring because of the direct involvement of the senior partners of GSSK. We look forward to keep enjoying their robust services in the future as well."

    Chairman Managing Director
    Leading HR Organisation

  • "GSSK has provided our Company with advice and guidance throughout the years to help us stay on track. In addition GSSK has been providing our business with invaluable services with the highest standard of quality and ethics."

    Chief Financial Officer
    Leading Hotel Branding Chain, US

  • "GSSK has been part of our journey in India. Right from incorporating our Company in India to setting up the necessary financial discipline, they have mentored and guided us in our journey towards a financially sustainable company. While the senior partners in most accounting firms usually adopt an arms length for start ups, the senior partners at GSSK have been closely involved in setting up our budgetary and accounting processes. As a joint venture with our Foreign counterpart in Brussels, GSSK setup the monthly MIS process which created the regular financial update for our partners in Brussels."

    India Country Head
    Leading PR Company, Brussels

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